A Mermaid and Her Sailor -underwater photography series
Thursday, June 28, 2018
By Life Alive Photography
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        Being both prior military and a water / mermaid fanatic, I have been envisioning an underwater Mermaid and Sailor photography session for a long time now. (I was a bit obsessed with it actually!) And it just had to be done! With months of planning, prepping, and finding just the right models, I knew the images had to live up to all the hype! I had actually originally envisioned the mermaid having a glittering mer-bra, and had designed a sheer body suit that had gems and glitter on it (totally inspired by glitter tits photography sessions-- if you don't know what that is, definitely google it and you won't be disappointed!) Unfortunately, a lot of the glitter came off in the water despite it being secured with my trusty E6000 craft cement (leaving glittery magicalness in the pool for weeks!) So without the full sparkly effect, and with a lower ambient light since we did the session at night, her mer-bra just wasn't as fabulous in the final images as I had envisioned. I ended up needing to Photoshop most of it out but if you look closely in the behind the scenes video, you'll be able to catch glimpses of it!


Overall, after spending about 15 hours each in editing time, I'm head over heels about these images! Let me know what you think in the comments below!~ 


(side note, if you're interested in purchasing a print of any of these images, they're available as limited edition mounted prints here: http://www.lifealivephotography.com/buy-art) 


Mermaid Model: Mercadez Young www.facebook.com/model.mercadez


Behind the Scenes of A Mermaid and Her Sailor

Behind the Scenes of an underwater photography session with Life Alive Photography in San Diego, CA!

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