Anza Borrego Wild flowers and Alexis Tia
Tuesday, March 14, 2017
By Life Alive Photography
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On Saturday, I had the privilege of heading out to Anza Borrego National Park with a local incredibly talented musician named Alexis Tia. The park is a couple of hours outside of San Diego city, north east of Julian, and still within San Diego County lines. We woke up early to try to get there before mid day and before the sun became too harsh. As we drove, we talked, laughed, realized we had so much in common, and she let me listen to her music. The feeling of driving down Highway 78 as it wound lazily through the trees while listening to her acoustic upbeat vocals were the perfect start to our day. The sun was definitely up and it was getting hot by the time we arrived around 9 in the morning. I combatted the harsh shadows using an off camera flash and reflectors. I had the honor of being serenaded by Alexis as I took pictures of her playing guitar. By one in the afternoon, Alexis and I had gotten overheated and ventured into the town to grab some water and snacks. The crowds were tremendous! I have never seen so much traffic in the middle of the desert! But, with the rarity and beauty of the wild flowers' bloom, I can't blame nearly all of Southern California for coming to explore the beauty! Check out the pictures of Alexis Tia and the beautiful Anza Borrego wildflower bloom below! 

Also, you should totally check out her YouTube channel here:

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Rachel Jalanivich - You definitely should! It's such a uniquely gorgeous experience! Especially when you think about how it looks the rest of the year..
Rachel Jalanivich - How fun! That sounds like a great job (until summer happens, oh the heat!!!)
Erin Delgado - Oh I have been wanting to go here, it's so pretty!!
Teresa Webb - Beautiful.. We spent some time in Borrego last weekend. My in-laws live there and work for the park.
Rachel Jalanivich - Thank you so much! We had tons of fun despite the heat and high sun!
Quianna - Loving this location and all of the details!
Rachel Jalanivich - Even with the harsh lighting I still love the images! :)
Alexis - Super fun day braving the overhead lighting!