Cristina's Underwater Maternity Photoshoot
Saturday, September 30, 2017
By Life Alive Photography
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I had the pleasure of meeting Cristina through San Diego's Best Start Birth Center. Planning on having a natural water birth, an underwater maternity photo session was just perfect for her! Cristina had been swimming well into her pregnancy, and was pretty comfortable in the water. Once we were in the pool, she did notice that she was extra buoyant and had a more difficult time staying beneath the surface of the water, even when she let all her air out. We worked together to find poses that she felt comfortable in and that showed how elegantly she moved underwater. She was a little closer to her due date than I'd prefer, but baby Ayalisse came 2 weeks late, so everything worked out just fine! While Cristina adored every picture, her favorite is the one with the "clouds". She was awesome to work with and I was delighted I got the chance to meet baby Ayalisse and her husband Alejandro (Alex). 

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