Mermaid Art Show
Sunday, November 12, 2017
By Life Alive Photography
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Wow! Last night was incredible. La Bodega Art Gallery in San Diego hosted a group art show with a mermaid theme. I know Chris, the owner/manager of the gallery, and contacted him about displaying one of my pieces. I was so honored that he allowed me to be a part of this show! I decided to print my underwater photography piece: "Mermaid and Her Sailor- Wedding" on acrylic, the biggest size I could enter in the show: 18". Being my first gallery show, I didn't have high expectations to make a sale, and the other artists' mermaid work there was INCREDIBLE! I wore my mermaid leggings and dressed my dog Kai up in his shark costume just to be festive. We hung around for about an hour, admiring all the work and Kai LOVED all the attention he received; he even got to meet the OB Merpod and give them some puppy kisses. We were about to leave and I went to take a picture of my work on the wall. I turned around and it had a little red dot sticker by it; it was sold! I could not believe my eyes. Jumping up and down, grinning from ear to ear, and trying not to scream, I have never been so emotional over a sticker before! I stopped and talked to one more person and her friend and in a moment of pure serendipity we realized that her friend had just bought my piece. I was so honored to be able to tell her the backstory behind my underwater photograph that she already loved so much. (The couple in the image is actually married in real life, both in the US Navy. The husband is a Navy Diver and the Mermaid is a model when she's not kicking ass in the Navy.. They were married in a courthouse and didn't have a chance to have wedding photographs taken. And this image is part of a series that I am still working on, so there is more to come!) It was an absolutely incredible experience to be a part of that art show and have a chance to meet the buyer of my piece! I feel so passionately that big things are coming for my underwater photography career and for Life Alive Photography! 

I now have this piece available as a limited edition print on my website! Click HERE to see!

Here's a couple quick cell phone shots I took at the event last night!  A HUGE thank you to La Bodega Art Gallery for making all this magic happen! 

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Rachel Jalanivich - You totally did tell me so! I was so hesitant to believe that anyone else would believe my work was beautiful!
Rachel Jalanivich - Thank you Christine! I had so much fun that night seeing all the mermaid and underwater themed art!
Johanna - So proud of you! I told you that piece was stunning. Can't wait to see what else you come up with <3
Rachel Jalanivich - Thank you Becky! I totally agree, I can never get enough of mermaid and water- themes!
Christine - What a neat show you were able to be a part of!! Loving the real life mermaids at the show! :)
Becky - This is so rad, Rachel!! I think there should definitely be more events centered around mermaids!! <3
Rachel Jalanivich - He LOVES dressing up! It's hilarious. Thank you!
Rachel Jalanivich - Thank you! It was such an incredible show with beautiful artwork from everyone!
Ana Abraham - Kai looked festive and a trooper. Congratulations on your sell!
Kayla Illies - This is so cool! Love the artwork pieces!