Noelia and the Underwater Genie Fantasy session
Tuesday, March 13, 2018
By Life Alive Photography
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The moment I met Noelia, I knew I just HAD to photograph her. She has a stunning beauty that seems to come so effortlessly. Not to mention she is a total sweetheart! I had this idea of a genie photography session and Noelia graciously agreed to be my model. She was slightly uncomfortable in the pool at first, but quickly opened up and regained her confidence. That's one of the many reasons I love doing underwater photography: I get to watch people go from unsure to empowered in a matter of minutes. They begin to trust themselves and the confidence shines through in my images. Noelia just radiates beauty and strength in these underwater genie images and you would never guess how nervous she had been when she first stepped foot in the pool! 

I'd love to continue and do more fantasy dress-up sessions.. Tell me, if you could dress up as anything, what would you be? 

Behind the scenes of Noelia's Underwater Genie

See behind the scenes clips of the Underwater Fantasy photography session of Noelia the Genie

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