Recommendations for the Best Newborn and Birth Photographers in San Diego
Monday, December 04, 2017
By Life Alive Photography
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Being a small business myself, I want to take the time to give some love to other small businesses around San Diego and explain how working with these amazing professionals can help you with all your birth and newborn photography needs. Best of all, each of these photographers has agreed to work with maternity clients from Life Alive Photography in different ways. Ask HERE about each of their specials offers. 


In no particular order (because all of their work is stunning!):  


Johanna Kitzman at Studio Freyja is a trained newborn photographer works with your baby in a studio in San Diego. This gives ultimate control over lighting and perfect posing. Bringing newborns into the studio helps to tire them out so the babies get to sleep faster and with less fuss than in their homes. Additionally, the studio is set up comfortably for both parents and babies and includes both complimentary snacks and drinks. She has been doing newborn photography for over 3 years and has worked with children for about 15 years. Her image editing style is natural fine art minimalistic where the baby is the center of attention. Her editing highlights the beauty of your newborn while creating an art piece you want to hang on the wall and showcase to friends and family. Johanna is honored to be able to take beautiful images for new parents. Infant babies grow up and change so quickly so she loves being able to provide parents with images that will forever remind them of when their baby was new and small. Your newborn pictures are an investment in both your and your babies memories. Imagine being able to sit down with your child throughout the years proudly showing them how tiny they once were. Or when they’re expecting children of their own being able to pull out their newborn album. These are images that will last and stay with your family for generations. See her work here:  or contact her here: 612-655-4991 or NEWBORNS@STUDIOFREYJA.COM


Jolene Redfern is a Newborn and Fresh 48 photographer in San Diego. Her images have a clean style with a bit film-like magic that helps the subjects pop with an authentic, emotional feel. A photo session with her is not only professional, but fun, energetic and memorable! Jolene likes to get to know and connect with her clients, and walk away from a session feeling like a friend or even part of the family! This makes clients feel comfortable and confident, which resonates in the authenticity of emotion and connection in their images. She has worked with photography for over 10 years as a graphic designer, and started her own photography journey in the last 3 years. She has an absolute passion (borderline obsession) with preserving time and memories that she is honored to share with other families. You can see Jolene Redfern's work and contact her at

Ashley Martins of Ashley Martins Photography in San Diego is a natural light photographer. She takes the time to make her photography personal by getting to know her client families as friends. She truly loves people and getting to know people in all walks of life. She even sends presents and gift cards on birthday's and anniversaries! She has been working in photography for the past 7 years but has really focused on newborn sessions for the last 4 years. For Ashley, the most rewarding thing about her business is the ability to connect with such amazing families. See more of her work here: and contact her at: 918.935.1727


Angela Beransky of Angela Beransky Photography is located in UTC. Her image editing style is fine art, timeless, and clean. She spent two years in photography school and has been in business for 4 years. Photographing families is personal to her and it fulfills her. She makes sessions easy for clients by traveling to them where she is able to capture images of newborn babies in the comfort of their own homes. You see more of her work at and contact her at 

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Rachel Jalanivich - Thank you Jodi! I actually learned a lot about the different types of newborn photography doing these interviews!
Rachel Jalanivich - I couldn't agree more Anna! What I love most is that they all offer something different and you can pick what best fits your family.
Rachel Jalanivich - Thanks so much Alyssa! You can't go wrong choosing any of these ladies!
Jodi - Love the variety of styles you have provided for your clients to choose from! All beautiful
Alyssa - These are amazing recommendations! I've saved to refer friends and family in the future!
Ana Abraham - These highlights are so valuable to hold as a family and choosing a photographer that fits their needs is as an important element. The list is filled with amazing recommendations!