Underwater Photography session with Brady the Merman Extraordinaire
Monday, November 20, 2017
By Life Alive Photography
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Wow, I met Brady through the San Diego Circus Center, where he trains in acro yoga, so I already knew he would rank pretty high on the cool scale. Then he shows up at my pool with mermaid pants and tells me he can blow circle bubbles and has a 5 minute breath hold.. literally, how cool can this guy get?! We had such a fun underwater photography session and tried to do shots that would really show off his skills and flexibility. Julia (another circus performer) was able to help us out with a few of the acro yoga shots too! I feel so lucky I was able to be surrounded by so much talent all at once. Check out his photos below and you can even send some love on Instagram HERE


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Rachel Jalanivich - Thank you Ana! Normally I hold my breath longer than my clients, but I couldn't touch this guy!
Ana Abraham - I’m head over heels from holding his breath and talent. These images are stunning!