What to Wear for an Underwater Maternity Photoshoot
Thursday, October 05, 2017
By Life Alive Photography
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There's something so magical about underwater maternity photos; the way the hair moves, the dress flows, and the poses that can be created underwater are ethereal. I always have clients ask me what they should wear and if I have suggestions on stores to buy from. Of course, I love supporting local boutiques, but I want to give some easy online shopping options as well for the ladies who may not have time to go out and shop around. 

Here's what you should look for when searching for an underwater maternity dress for a photoshoot: 

  • flowy: it should be loose fitting, not tight, so it can have the best movement in the water
  • color: brighter colors look best! Underwater, the color spectrum changes. The first color you lose underwater is red, and the last colors you lose are blue and green, which is why the color red "pops" the best under the water. Try to avoid neutral and earth toned colors.
  • style: this will depend on your comfort level and particular sense of style. During your creative design consult session we can look at style options for your outfit and pick what looks the best on you, or you can text me pictures of your favorites prior to the session!

Below, I have listed some options that I recommend from Amazon. Please note, the links are affiliate links and I do get a very small commission from the sale if you use the links I gave you below. Doing so helps small businesses like mine stay afloat and I would greatly appreciate it! : 









As always, I am here to answer any questions you have! You can comment on this blog, reach out and email me at lifealivephoto@gmail.com or contact me HERE.

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