Hello and welcome! I am Rachel Jalanivich of Life Alive Photography.

I am an underwater portrait photographer in southern California. I also do portrait and lifestyle photography sessions!


So, why should you book an underwater session?

You are adventurous

Me too! The thrill of a new activity delights and inspires me, and adventure is something I feel passionately about. Though water activities are a regular occurrence for me, every time I enter the water with a new client is a new experience, and it excites me to create art with each and every client!


“But what if I don’t swim very well?” That’s totally okay and completely normal! I have worked with everyone from competitive swimmers to expectant mothers to people who couldn’t put their heads beneath the surface of water. As a prior US Navy Rescue swimmer and Hospital Corpsman (US Navy Medic), I am very comfortable in the water and will guide you in some water comfortability exercises to ensure you have a wonderful experience. I am also CPR and BLS certified and a safety swimmer is always present to supervise your safety.


You find beauty in the unique

I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum, and I love finding and creating things that are unique and special, which is why underwater photography is my absolute favorite! Every photography session is one of a kind, and each client is just as unique, bringing their own ideas and artistic visions to a session. Let’s create some unique art together!


Why should you book a family lifestyle session?


You realize that moments, days, and years pass by too quickly

Isn’t that the truth! I just blinked and practically a whole year flew by! I know that time passes by too fast, and with hindsight being 20-20, I’ve found myself looking back and wishing I had taken more pictures of fleeting moments I let slip by. Whether it’s cuddling in bed, playing your favorite board game, camping, or cooking, lifestyle photography is a documentary of the moments you and your family enjoy most. Daily activities you do with your loved ones often times become the most cherished moments. Will you look back in ten years and wish your children were still small enough to sit on your lap? Now is the time to capture these memories! 


Life Alive Photography specializes in capturing emotion and tailoring photography sessions to best fit each client. A smile, a laugh, a touch: the moment your eyes light up and you feel beautifully and wonderfully alive. I can't wait to meet you and capture your Life Alive moments with you! Fill out the contact form or email me aLifealivephoto@gmail.com to schedule your session today!


As a military veteran, I am always honored to photograph those who serve. Ask me about Life Alive Photography's military discount!